Session 11: Project Development Essentials (2 Hours || Day 6 (Morning))

Interfacing digital peripherals.


Push button

Interfacing Analog peripherals.


LDR Sensor

Session 12: Project Development Essentials (2 Hours || Day 6 (Afternoon))

Timer and counter Programming

Interrupt Programming

Hardware Interrupt using push button.

Software Interrupt.

PWM Programming

Controlling RGB Led

Session 13: Getting Started (2 Hours || Day 7 (Morning))

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Projects in Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Hardware

Linux Fundamentals

Various Distributions available on Raspberry Pi

Session 14: Hands on (2 Hours || Day 7 (Afternoon))

Getting distributions for Raspberry Pi on a SD card and booting Pi.

Getting the Essential Software’s

Getting started with python and python first code

Accessing PI through Serial Port.

Session 15: Hands on (2 Hours || Day 8 (Morning))

Raspberry Pi GPIO’s.

Blinking an LED & LED flash

Push button controlling LED.

IR sensor

Session 16: Hands on (2 Hours || Day 8 (Afternoon))

TKinter using GUI

Remote Access using Putty

VNC viewer & WEBCAM

Compiling a C code in Raspberry Pi

Session 17: Android Application Development (2 Hours || Day 9 (Morning))

Android Introduction

Android History and evolution

Android Versions

Android Features

IDE Introduction (Eclipse)

Session 18: Android Application Development (2 Hours || Day 9 (Morning))

Dalvik Virtual Machine

Application flow with example

Hello World Application

Button & Toast Application

Android with Bluetooth Serial Application

Session 19: Building Robot (2 Hours || Day 10(Morning))

Fundamentals of Bluetooth.

Interfacing Bluetooth with the Arduino circuit.

Session 20: Building Robot (2 Hours || Day 10(Afternoon))

Building the Chassis

Building Arduino circuit to control robot.