Sl.No Project code Solar Project titles Year Enquiry
1ECEMB_1616 3-D Simulation and Optimization of Organic Solar Cell With Periodic Back Contact Grating Electrode 2015
2ECEMB_1617 A New Solar Module Modeling for PV Applications Based on a Symmetrized and Shifted Gompertz Model 2015
3ECEMB_1618 A Systematic Loss Analysis Method for Rear-Passivated Silicon Solar Cells 2015
4ECEMB_1619 Air Gaps as Intermediate Selective Reflectors to Reach Theoretical Efficiency Limits of Multibandgap Solar Cells 2015
5ECEMB_1620 Amorphous/Crystalline Silicon Interface Passivation:Ambient-Temperature Dependence and Implications for Solar Cell Performance 2015